HALDA SPEEDPILOT Ordinateur de rallye temps-vitesse-distance 1966 TBE + Cable

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HALDA SPEEDPILOT Ordinateur de rallye temps-vitesse-distance 1966 TBE + Cable

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The Halda Speedpilot was an all-in-one mechanical rally computer introduced in the mid-1950s. Depending on the speed set on a dial, internal gears drive an additional hand on the clock. The driver is supposed to keep the extra hand aligned with the minute hand to stay on "Pilot" time. The accuracy is therefore only about 1/2 minute. The Speedpilot was popular in Europe where it was enough to arrive before the scheduled time to avoid penalties. American rallies were timed to the second, with penalties for being early as well as being late, so the Speedpilot's accuracy was insufficient to determine whether the rally team was on time. Speedpilots are units with two round dials, an odometer and several buttons. There are several versions, but they all do the same job, which is to tell you if you're sticking to a preset average speed. One dial is set to your required average and the other is an 8 day clock with an extra hand (although some models don't have an hour hand). The additional hand positions itself under the minute hand at the start of the course or the regularity section and will follow the minute hand exactly if the preset speed is respected. A useful instrument on a long section.e Halda Speedpilot calculates time and distance against a pre-selected average speed requirement. You need known factors; i.e. desired average speed, actual distance traveled and actual time taken, and calculates your time against actual time. It gets an accurate distance measurement from your speedometer cable. The mid-speed selection knob controls a series of variations, which determine the progress of the rider's hand. This is the progression of the pilot's hand, which permanently indicates any deviation from true time. This was mounted on an Alpine Renault A110, Swedish manufacture, it is in very good condition despite the years (1966).

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